The Lycra-Clad Mum

You know those times in life when something just clicks? Where you have a moment of pure clarity and know that change is the only way forward? Well, I had one of those moments at the start of the week.

Having purchased a new ironing board cover and lovingly fitted it to my board, I suddenly realised that the arrival of this new cover was the actual highlight of my week. Sure, I’d needed a new one for a while and sure, this was going to vastly improve my ironing experience, but for this to be the highlight of my week was probably not a great sign; even for someone who loves ironing as much as I do.

What had my life become? I’d clearly hit crisis point.

And is it at all surprising? Like so many others during this time, I’ve lost my job and in its place have gained some very unwanted lock-down weight. Things haven’t really been going to plan!

You will know by now that I used to be pretty fit and that MS came along and did its best to destroy that. But, I don’t think I can even blame the MS – at least, not entirely. You see, having kids has probably had a greater effect on my fitness, especially when you factor in the increased wine consumption, which is unquestionably a direct result of being a parent.

This year has seen me try (and fail) to get on top of my fitness a couple of times. First, I re-joined the gym, but that was doomed because it pretty much coincided with the start of lock-down. Then, I picked up some weights at home, but with everyone still at home and a ‘Can’t be as*ed’ attitude that workout didn’t work out. This time, however, I really mean business.

I’m done with wistfully wishing I was one of those Lycra-clad mums. Sod it. If I want to be a Lycra-clad mum I will be a Lycra-clad mum! I swear half those mums only wear it for show anyway!

So, out came my trusty old, barely worn, gym gear, which I can still fit into because it’s Lycra and Lycra STRETCHES – so what if it cuts off my circulation?!

Dressed for action, I was struck by another realisation whilst bundling the kids out of the door for school. My kids don’t think of me as the super fit, super active person I have been for most of my life. They only know the super tired mum who likes to wear hoodies and pyjamas and is constantly telling them to be careful and watch out for the glass of wine! My daughter took one quizzical look at my get-up and said, “Mummy, why are you dressed like that?” My son took a little longer to notice, but when he did he asked, with utter incomprehension, “Why are you wearing that? You don’t usually wear that!”

Anyway, I completed my first workout yesterday straight after the school run and it felt great. After the initial shock to the system and obligatory flake out on the sofa, I had more energy than I’d had in months and I can’t wait to do it all over again and again and again …

3 thoughts on “The Lycra-Clad Mum

  1. Hi I know exactly how you feel I had a good routine before lockdown went to yoga did aqua aerobics which is great because you don’t get overheated. So it got me out of the house 3x a week and I could talk to people. Since lockdown I’ve tried to do yoga at home but it isn’t the same and lost all motivation. Tried getting on my exercise bike but my hips don’t like it tried to walk as far as I could but just left me with a dead leg. You have given me the motivation to try again with the yoga but will need to buy new Lycra pants as lent mine to a friend who I probably won’t see til next year with the way the virus numbers are going up. Anyway Monday I will give it another go even if I have to do it in my pjs xxx

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  2. Well done . Sometimes I have to drag myself to the gym but always feel better after exercising, even if it is less than I did in past and less than others there. Thank goodness for Lycra!

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  3. What a HUGE achievement, well done Emily! (Only know your name from MS Trust Article. I genuinely mean this as I still remember how hard it was when I decided mid February to start doing some regular exercise again as energy levels felt manageable. I started with Couchto5k not knowing how far in to the program I would get but thought i’ll do my best. Being mindful helped me think about the day I was in for each run/walk so I didn’t get overwhelmed and think about where in the program I was and how I would get to the end. Being in the here and now is something I am still practicing but everything gets easier with practice and it is quite empowering! To cut a long story short I completed Couchto5k program beginning of May 2020 (you can see my progress celebratory photos on instagram aka Karen Figgitt) and continued to run 3 times a week. I also started a 12 week MS Warrior Workout programme 5 weeks ago with a disability fitness trainer called Dom Thorpe. The workouts are 20-30 mins & I do them at home. They are designed to build strength and help improve balance. I’m not going to lie I still remember how hard the first week was but each week gets easier, more enjoyable & I feel proud of each daily achievement. You can do this #thisgirlcan 😘


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