The Hostess With The Mostes’

When you have a condition like MS there are the occasional fleeting moments where you feel like you can conquer the world.

Ok, so that might be a slight exageration, but when you have to deal with chronic pain and chronic fatigue and all that other chronic cr*p, simply having the energy to do something, no matter how small, can be really liberating. It was during such a moment that I made the bold decision to organise an after school playdate for my kids. My eldest 2 have been nagging me for weeks to let them have a friend round and I finally felt like I had the energy to play host.

Feeling extra pumped I arranged to collect the kids all at once from school, which meant squeezing 5 children + myself into the car, which meant removing my wheelchair and all the other rubbish from the boot to convert it into a 7 seater, which meant that I needed to gather extra child seats, which meant that by the time I was ready to collect them all from school I was totally wiped out. Luckily, I’d had the foresight to buy them a tube of Smarties each – this went down very well and the 2 minute drive home was a fun-filled success.

Once home, it was a different story, however. Absolute carnage ensued as the boys ran upstairs, slamming the door in the girls’ faces and churlishly singing, “No girls allowed!” The girls came running to me with all sorts of claims against the boys and a sort of gang war broke out between them, with myself and my youngest standing there stunned as though we’d been swept up in some kind of tornado and then spat out in a rather unceremonious manner.

Of course, I had to step in and seperate the bickering gangs and thankfully, within minutes, the girls were busy drawing fairies downstairs and the boys were busy trashing the bedroom upstairs. My youngest was flitting between the two, not quite knowing what to think of all the excitement, while I sat, ready to leap into action at any second and watching the hands on the clock tick closer and closer to teatime.

Speaking of teatime, any host worth her salt should lavish her guests with the finest of cuisines, and seeing as the food was down to me – in order to stick to the government’s Rule of 6 my husband could play no part in this – McDonald’s it was.

Usually at this time of day I’d be wearing my pyjamas and downing a glass of red wine while the kids are bathed ready for bed. Well, being the responsible host that I am, I obviously had to delay my evening routine and so resisted putting my PJs on until the children had been safely collected.

As for the wine… No comment.

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