The Wrong Trainers


Last week I found myself on the field near our house, taking my daily exercise with the kids. I had an urge to run. It’s not a new urge, it’s an urge that has been with me ever since my legs went wrong 10 years ago.

But this time was different.

This time I did run.

This time I ran and I ran and I ran.

I ran with such ease and with such a bounce.

I ran and felt the wind in my face.

I felt the lightness of my feet as they sprang from the grass.

I felt alive and I felt free.

Why now? Why, after all these years of trying to run, could I suddenly do it?

What had changed?

I looked down at my feet and saw that I was wearing a pair of real smart-arse trainers. So that’s why.

All this time I’ve been trying to run.

All this time I couldn’t run…

… and now I can.

All this time I’ve simply been wearing the wrong trainers!

And then I woke up.

4 thoughts on “The Wrong Trainers

  1. Vicky Craven-Romain May 26, 2020 — 4:56 pm

    Thankyou, that’s hilarious, & very true!


  2. Know that dream oh so well !!


  3. I’m with you there!
    I dream I’m running on a long beach as fast as I can with the wind in my hair and also dancing with my husband to Ed Sheehan’s “Thinking Out Loud” so gracefully. I wake up feeling great and then try to get up and my legs are so stiff ……
    Must have been all that exercise. Naaaat!


  4. That’s so true ! I run marathons in my dreams, it’s so effortless, I can run for miles !


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