Oi Wibbly!

How many times have I said that I never learn my lesson? That I’ve overdone it again and that I’ve been surprised (after 10 years of painful experience) how knackering it is to do anything? It has surely been the theme of a huge whacking great chunk of my blog.

Well, here we are again. Just 2 weeks after I expressed how exhausted I was after a particularly tiresome week of papier mache and turnips I find myself surrounded by a papier mache koala, a giant ‘S’ and an adult-sized frog costume. Oh, and a green face.

My inner-Hermione bursts onto the scene at the sign of any challenge or, indeed, any task that can be satisfyingly ticked off a list. And the praise we receive from the teachers at school when I email across the childrens’ work only serves to spur me on even more. The trouble is the kids’ weekly planners are brimming over with so many fun and exciting things to do, and this usually involves getting super creative and super duper messy. On top of this the theatre where I work keep throwing creative little tasks our way and I just can’t say ‘no’ to all this fun on offer.

Still, I think I tend to take things a little further than they need to go i.e. why draw a koala when you can make one?


I can see the inner sighs of my household (cats included) when I trudge through the door with yet another box salvaged from the recycling bin. “What are you doing now?” “I’m going to be a frog…”

As if by magic – 2 cardboard boxes, a lot of green paint, a load of glue and a weekend spent sticking the finger up at MS – I’ve turned into a frog!


The frog in question isn’t just any old frog, it is ‘Oi Frog’ from one of THE best children’s books around (thanks Kes Gray and Jim Field) and THE best stage show for kids that I have ever been blessed to see.

The task? To recreate a show poster of your choice to celebrate theatre.

But, why stop at 1 poster? There are simply too many shows to choose from and far too many awesome poster designs!


Now excuse me while I just go and flake out.

1 thought on “Oi Wibbly!

  1. I do love reading your blogs they are so inspiring and makes me laugh as well. Your art work is fab!! I think you deserve a rest after all that!!


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