The Reluctant Dishwasher-er


This post is dedicated to Ash, Jenny, Michelle, Sheri and my long-suffering husband, Mr T…

I’ve recently made a discovery of life-changing proportions. A discovery so incredible that even the uncovering of the first T-Rex bone pales in comparison. I’ve discovered The Dishwasher.

Approximately 1 year ago my family and I moved into a rather nice house with a rather nice kitchen and rather nice mod-cons. We spent much of Moving Day opening and closing all the many cupboard doors to determine what which was what and which what should go where. Pulling open one particular door we were not terribly excited to find a dishwasher – what a waste of storage space! Over the course of the year, and always with a hint of suspicious curiosity, we occasionally opened this door, but never ventured to use it. ‘Are you nuts?!’ I can hear you all screaming. But before you judge me, you need to understand what a ‘dishwasher’ represents to me, or at least what it used to represent. You see, I’ve always considered that using a dishwasher is the height of laziness and I have a particularly unhealthy aversion to laziness, which probably means that if you delve deep enough into the depths of my soul you will find someone who is ultimately very lazy but who will do everything in their power to hide this fact.

Standing at a sink and washing up with hot water is not the easiest of tasks to undertake when you have a condition like MS. If I’m honest, I haven’t really done any washing up in the last 7 or 8 or even 9 years… that’s been one of the many jobs my over-worked husband has taken on. I should stress here that it is only in the last year that we have had access to a dishwasher (if you don’t count the 2 years that we lived in an apartment with said appliance prior to my diagnosis; and yes, it remained unused). So, what changed? When was the eureka moment? Why have I only now come to realise what a life-saver a dishwasher can be? There were 2 turning points. The first came as I sat with a glass of wine watching my husband wash up. I suddenly realised that he spent an awful lot of time at that sink and wouldn’t it be nice if he could just sit down with me for a moment and not worry about the mess in the kitchen?! The second epiphany came as I was listening to Radio 2 on my way to work. An environmental expert was extolling the virtues of using a dishwasher instead of washing up; apparently it uses less water – I had no idea! Always one to practise what I preach (Save The Environment etc) I went home that evening and placed a ban on the washing up bowl. From now on we were to load the dishwasher once a day and use it, actually USE it. O. M. G. What a revelation! I hadn’t realised how much of a burden washing and drying up had become. It was taking over our (my husband’s…) life and now that burden was gone, like this massive weight lifted from us. The dishes get done out of sight and out of mind and they come out squeaky clean – literally squeaking with cleanliness.

I know I’m ridiculously late to the party and I thank you for humouring me here, but if by the remotest of chances there is anyone reading this who has a dishwasher and doesn’t use it – Get using! It will transform your life.

8 thoughts on “The Reluctant Dishwasher-er

  1. Dishwashers are life savers when you have MS! If I run some water in the sink to ‘wipe down’ I always end up needing a wee after standing up too long anyway!
    You get your life back with your loved ones when the dishwasher, my family muck in and fill and empty it,
    win win!

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  2. Well you did make me laugh! When I found out 25 years ago that I was expecting my third baby in 3 years! I know don’t ask!! I eventually agreed to have that baby so long as I could have a dishwasher! No dishwasher/ no baby! I got both Three sons and 25 years on I was right to make such demands! How have you managed!

    I am having a really bad ms day but you so cheered me up. Thank you. Enjoy the dishwasher

    Love Judi xx Sent from my iPhone



    1. Ahhh, thank you, that’s lovely to read! P.S. Sounds like you popped your babies out even quicker than me and that’s saying something! I had 3 in 4 years! x


  3. I also used to consider a dishwasher the height of laziness and totally unnecessary. However, since Trevor (yes we named our dishwasher Trevor, Magical Trevor being his full title) came into our lives what a difference all that extra time and energy I have.

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    1. Haha, great name – I should name ours, I’ll get the kids to come up with something! Thanks for reading : )


  4. 15 years ago I moved into an old house of which the previous owner had left an ancient slimline dishwasher in the kitchen. Huh, waste of time, that thing. When we put in the new kitchen there will be no dishwasher going in, one way trip to the tip. The kitchen renovation didn’t happen for nearly another year, by which time we had been utilising the vintage slimline. Oh my, I was amazed at how quickly loading and unloading became part of the normal routine! On the plan for the new kitchen was a full sized dishwasher! And I’m amazed at all the things that can safely go in the machine! If you haven’t got one, go get one. Now. 😉


  5. The dishwasher is a life saver. I couldn’t think of standing at the sink, I’m already totally wiped out from cooking a meal. And if hubby were to do it he’d leave it till next morning, really annoying me. I just love it! Anything to save effort now.


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