I. Have. The. POWER!!!!!


I am stubborn. When it comes to MS I’m like a big ol’ stubborn triceratops charging my way through life; or so I like to think.  In fact, sometimes I actually think I‘m some sort of a superhero… like He-Man – a secret identity I’ve had since childhood when I would run round the playground singing, “I have the power to pick up a flower” while holding a droopy daisy aloft as if it were a great and powerful sword.  The trouble with being a superhero, however, is that you have to have an arch-enemy.  And so just as He-Man was faced with the evil and cunning Skeletor I am faced with the equally evil and equally cunning Multiple Sclerosis, who we’ll call ‘MS’ for short (and who I imagine looks a fair bit like skeletor).

The similarities between Skeletor and MS are pretty uncanny as it turns out.  You see Skeletor’s (MS’s) main aim in life is to conquer Castle Greyskull (my brain) and steal its powers (my nerves) to become the most powerful man in the universe and in doing so conquer the world of Eternia (my body) and render He-Man (me) powerless.

But you know what? No matter how close he comes, Skeletor never wins.

All together:

By the power of Greyskull…

I. Have. The. Poweeeeeeeerrrrrrr!

Together we can defend Castle Greyskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.


7 thoughts on “I. Have. The. POWER!!!!!

  1. Go for it!!


  2. Absolutely!


  3. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant


  4. Laura Huxtable July 5, 2018 — 6:33 pm

    I am proud to call you my sister! You really are a super hero xxx


  5. My favorite post! Really clever. Keep it up monkey x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers man, it’s my favourite too! x


  6. Thanks for this post. It made me smile and know that I’m not the only one who is fighting the evil Skeletor that is M. S.


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