For The Love Of Ironing



Finally up-to-date with my blog.  This is the last of my ‘old’ posts, from here on my blogging will be a little less frequent!  Whew…

An ironing pile is a forever thing. No matter how much time you devote to laboriously standing and steaming and smoothing your family’s entire wardrobe the pile never disappears. Just the other day I worked my way through a weeks’ worth of ironing and smugly ticked ‘ironing’ off my ‘To-Do’ list only for it to reappear on the very same list the very next day. People often say to me, “why bother?”, and while this is a semi-valid question you should know that I have issues when it comes to wearing clothes that haven’t been ironed. Clothes look nicer, they feel nicer, heck I feel nicer when my clothes have been ironed. I’ve been known to cockily shove on a creased up top (see, I’m cool, I’m casual, I’m far too busy to concern myself with such trivial and boring matters like ironing, pfft) and then as soon as no-one’s looking I whip it off and frantically iron it to maximum smoothness (phew). Some may think that I have a problem. Maybe I do… surely I am not alone.

So, what has this to do with MS? A lot as it happens. You see, having an obsessive need to iron clothes becomes problematic when you have a physical need to sit down and take it easy. Ironing, as a matter of absolute necessity, has forlornly taken up residence at the bottom of my priorities. It stills gets done, just not quite as efficiently as in days gone by; items usually get ironed on a need-to-wear basis. I should add that I am not a 1950’s housewife, my husband will happily do some ironing too when he gets the chance. And I know there are far better ways to spend my limited energy. I know un-ironed clothes can masquerade as ironed clothes once the creases naturally fall out. I know there are more important things in life than ironing. And yet I still stubbornly insist on standing there until my legs are ready to fall off and my vision is blurred and the room is spinning and I have no energy left to physically lift the flippin’ iron up. I’ve tried different methods to help like using a seat but my style of ironing does not lend itself to remaining static and besides, it gives me a stiff neck.

MSers talk of loses when they talk about their MS diagnosis and I’m gonna let you in on a dark secret: ironing is one of mine. Truly. I used to be the chief ironer in my household. I’d pop a classic film on and iron away for hours. I found ironing strangely therapeutic. Now it is a chore. It is agonising and exhausting and I hate it. Ouch – I never thought I would say that! …

… Goodness, I can’t believe I’m blogging about ironing! I better go; seriously this pile won’t get done by itself.

First published 21 May 2018

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