Relapse Sch-melapse


What constitutes a relapse? Seriously, I find this so darn difficult to work out. A relapse is meant be a worsening of symptoms or new symptoms lasting more than 48 hours, or something like that. Well, if that’s the case I’m relapsing on a weekly basis.

Over the last month or so I’ve found my legs are even worse than usual and I have been using a crutch when out and about. This isn’t particularly unusual for me, but this week I find myself using 2 crutches and am worried that at this rate I’ll be using 3! So, does wonkier walking, extra painful legs, shakiness, shattered-ness and the most drop-iest of drop foots = A Relapse? D’no. One of the lovely neuro nurses suggests it is a ‘flare up’. But what is a flare-up other than a vague non-committal kind of no-nearer-to-an-answer nothingness? Her advice? Get plenty of rest. I literally LOL’d (mummy to 3 very young sprogs… enough said). We did of course rule out all the usual suspects; urinary tract infection topping the bill (what is it with nurses and wee samples?). And so I guess I just need to plod along and get on with things and if things get really bad-ass I’ll … um… continue to plod along and get on with things (?).

First published 10 May 2018

4 thoughts on “Relapse Sch-melapse

  1. I completely understand Emily! I was and still am clueless to what’s what. When I tell the neuro/MS nurse I’m having a relapse they ask what my new symptoms are ? I say same symptoms and it becomes a flare up! But relapse seems to fit more! One minute I’m fine the next I’ve relapsed! Your blog is great and a huge help to many of us. Thanks ☺Lesley


    1. Thanks, Lesley! Relapses / flare-ups / blips, whatever they are, they suck! Do you mind me asking how you heard about my blog? I’m new to the blogging game and it’d be great to know how people find me! Thanks, Emily


  2. Hi Emily, It was through the Multiple Sclerosis Trust on Facebook. You posted a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been getting your emails to your blog since then 🙂Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


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