Oh No Snow


Cast your mind back 2 weeks – the week The Beast From The East arrived and the week that I began writing this now out-of-date post…

We don’t often see weather such as we have seen in the last few days. It’s certainly the first time that I’ve encountered such disruptive snow since I had my first child 4 years ago. I always imagined that Snow Days with kiddie winks would be pure bliss – entire days spent outdoors building snowmen , sledging and making snow angels. Alas.

My youngest, at just 9 months, is simply too young for snow. My middle child, it turns out, screams if a snowflake so much as brushes against her foot. And my eldest runs around like Iggle Piggle until the inevitable fall and the inevitable tears. It also transpires that my MS does not respond kindly to super minus temperatures; as with super plus temperatures a tightness sort of takes over my body and it seizes up. Add all of this together and what do you get? Four whole days of housebound hell.

Living in a village at the bottom of a downward curving cul de sac I could not move my car to get to work, or indeed to my infusion at the hospital. Taxis and buses were not running except from the main road; a colleague of mine living in the same village managed to get to work after a 35 minute walk to the main road, a 40 minute wait for a bus then a 10 minute walk the other end. To have even attempted this I would have had to prep myself ready for some serious action – preparation akin to that which is required by a Strongman about to haul an 800 tonne lorry for 2 miles followed by the most epic of challenges – standing for 40 minutes. I simply couldn’t do it.

This got me thinking about how vulnerable people with disabilities are when it comes to bad weather. Had I not had my husband, a teacher whose school had thankfully closed, I don’t know what I would have done. I felt so cut off from outside help, without the use of my car there was no way I could even get to the local shop, goodness knows how disabled people living on their own manage in situations like this.

First published 18 March 2018

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