“Disabled Woman Uses Toilet”

I’d barely managed to manoeuvre myself out of the door when I was unexpectedly pounced upon by a blond-haired lady with a grin the size of the Nile.  She could hardly contain her excitement as she blurted out words that I never expected to encounter on vacating a toilet cubicle.

“How did you find your experience today?” 

“Oh, um, yeah, good thanks”.  Not knowing what else to say, I sat there, all too aware that this unexpected interviewer who was stood before me was eyeing me up as though I were the catch of the day.  She’d clearly been disappointed by all the able-bodied tiddlers who’d used the facilities before me but now had her sights set on a real megalodon of a disabled person.

“How did you find using our new Radar key system?  Was everything nice and accessible for you?  Could you reach the loo-roll?”

Questions, so many questions.  I tried my best to engage in this unsolicited conversation.  I had, after all, just used a sparkling new public toilet which, on previous visits, had been nose-pinchingly bad.  And so, I congratulated this woman on what was clearly a very proud moment in her professional career.  She had spear-headed the much-needed refurbishment of some of the city’s most frequented loos, and for that I was very grateful.

“Wonderful!”  She beamed, almost clapping her hands in joy.  “Just one last thing, if I may.  Would you mind if I took your photo?”

Horrified, I could see her hand reaching into her pocket to locate her phone.  I did a quick review in my mind of what I must look like.  It was early.  I hadn’t yet showered.  I had no make-up on and was wearing glasses along with a somewhat unflattering anorak on account of the rain.  No, I decided.  I was in no way feeling photogenic as I sat bemused, the toilet gleaming behind me.

“Sorry, but I’m not looking my best”, I stammered.

“Oh, no!  You look gorgeous”. 

I shook my head, no.

The lady thanked me for my time anyway and watched as I wheeled myself swiftly away to safety. 

I wonder what the photo was to be used for.  A website?  A board meeting?  The front page of the local newspaper?  Hmm.

2 thoughts on ““Disabled Woman Uses Toilet”

  1. What a weird experience, I think I would say no to the photo too


  2. You’ve made me laugh! I remember being in Dominica a few years ago. We went into a supermarket which had various steps but also a long ramp to the entrance. So I went up the ramp on my scooter and pottered round. I was stopped by the manager who wanted to take my photo, he was delighted I was there saying ‘I told them we needed a ramp!’. I think I was the first to use it….


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