A Quick Catch Up

Happy new year everyone!

For me the year started with a bit of a fright. You see, I have one of those big kick-ass date clocks that automatically flips to the correct day and month and only ever requires manual labour at the start of a new year. But, of course, I’d quite forgotten that when I innocently glanced at the clock yesterday and saw the date: 1 Jan 2020. For a few horrifying moments I was sure we had entered some kind of nightmarish Groundhog Year, as those of you who follow my socials will already be aware. Then I realised that changing the year was actually within my power, and so I did just that and am now officially ready to begin 2021.

It’s been a while since I had a chance to write anything. Various things cropped up in December that kept me away from the laptop, including another period of isolation with my 3 year old, who, as well as being a scrumptious little cherub, can be awfully demanding at times and would understandably much rather I played dinosaurs with him and eat endless snacks than allow me to tap away distractedly at a computer.

In the interest of catching up in as concise a way as possible I thought I would share with you some of the blog titles that could, would, should have been over the past month.


‘Hugless and Drugless’

‘The Job Interview’

‘Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Back To Work I Go’

‘The Dinosaur In The Room’

‘3am Is Not The Morning’

and ‘The Unexpected Consequence Of The Wonka Bar’

Actually, that last one would have been rather good, I may well return to that!

Anyway, that’s us all well and truly caught up; I’ll be back to share more Wibbly Dinosaur adventures soon!

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