%^**)zdstfbg ihyoop


August has seen me shy away from my blog. Not because there is nothing to write, rather I have been too busy desperately trying to survive the intolerable heat we’ve been experiencing on top of the pressure to smash it as ‘super fun mum’ during the holidays. Anyway, I thought I was long overdue a…

hang on…

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing – it’s jolly difficult trying to write when there are constant interruptions %^**)zdstfbg ihyoop – See what I mean? That was my cat clambering across the keypad, he’s clearly not getting enough attention!

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m really due a blog… seriously?!

Right, sorry, my son just needed me to cast youtube to the telly – some crazy-ass dude called Blippi who loves orange and blue. Um, urgh, now all I can think about is the Blippi song (“So much to learn about, it’ll make you wanna shout, Blippi!”).

Yeah so August has kept me away from the laptop. I’ve, um, what am I saying? Oh YES, I’ve transformed the kids playroom into my very own study space! I figured I needed somewhere proper to do my writing if I’m to call myself a writer – wait a sec.

[All 3 kids are looking at me pleadingly – I forgot that I’d promised them a game of hide and seek]

Kids are so adorably rubbish at that game – I just walked into the bedroom to find a chortling mound of duvets. Then when it was my turn to hide (behind the half open living room door) they ran past me 3 times without seeing me.

Right then, my new study! Here’s a photo, for those of you who haven’t already seen it on social media*.


Oh God! I’ve just realised that my new study is Blippi coloured!

* You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @thewibblydinosaur

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