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During the past few weeks of lockdown my fatigue levels have shot through the roof. Where I used to flag around 3pm and hit a wall at around 5 (conveniently coinciding with the kids’ needing to be fed and bathed…) I am now hitting the wall nearer to 1pm and flagging even earlier. I’m not particularly surprised; I’ve always been aware that days spent lounging result in a feeling of intense lethargy that is often impossible to shift, at least for the likes of me (I’ve never been good at doing nothing).

It’s a controversial stance for someone with MS to take – for some, the idea that being more physically active can give you more energy is taboo. But I know I am not alone in believing in the benefits of exercise and of keeping active as much as possible. That’s not to say that I don’t suffer with bouts of crippling fatigue or that I am able to keep on keeping on, far from it, but my fatigue levels are, without question, better on my more active days.

This troubling sense of enervation prompted me to take action. I can use this period of enforced confinement to lounge around eating biscuits and drinking wine in between home-schooling the kids and taking (unwanted) naps, or I can use this unique opportunity to get pumped, get active and finally ditch this awful lethargy in favour of some energy. Put another way, I can either get fit or get fat.

Dusting off my old workout DVDs, I very confidently cleared the floor, grabbed my kettlebell and braced myself for a short, but intense, set of resistance exercises.

I’m not going to lie, it was bloody hard work. I had to pause the workout several times to recover and made pretty shoddy work of some of the routine, but I did it. And what’s more, despite my aching muscles and all over heaviness, I felt rejuvenated and alive with a different kind of energy that has been well and truly lacking of late.

5 thoughts on “Get Pumped

  1. I did Pilates once last week and Joe Wicks (who is actually evil 😈) and although I was broken the next day, my energy levels were certainly higher. Now I’m not aching anymore, I’m going to try again but maybe a little bit more of a sedate work out so the muscles that haven’t been used in, er forever, don’t scream at me for a week after and it doesn’t hurt to pee 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣
    Need to make sure when I can get back to work as a swimming teacher I still fit in my costume and uniform
    Glad the exercise made you feel a bit better xxx


    1. LOL – I sat and watched as the rest of my family tackled Joe Wicks, gave me a good laugh. Good luck with your own fitness plans. It’s important not to overdo it (advice that I NEVER listen to!) x

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  2. I am so with you on the increased fatigue. Not going out to work for the couple of hours a day I’ve been doing for the last 3 years has made me feel like I’ve become a shaky spongy thing! If I do go out I feel floaty in the fresh air, it’s so surreal out there! I have bought The Pilates Bible and am going to try and get some done. Thanks for the inspiration

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  3. Really pleased to read I am not alone in having these thoughts. I too was enjoying the first couple of weeks in Lockdown with no routine & food whenever I fancied some. I started Couchto5K 4 weeks before lockdown started so I am now in Week 6 (repeated week 5 twice as app suggested) & today it was a 25 minute run & I made it! I agree I was knackered at the time but really does help spread my spoons out more evenly throughout the day than when I’m inactive. You should be so proud of yourself. Those workout dvd’s are always harder than they look! 🤗

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  4. Wow at the motivation! Love it.
    I too have found yoga with Adriene on YouTube ( she’s amazing) so beneficial. Calms me and stretches me out. I do it every morning and even though you’re pushing your body it does make you feel better doesn’t it?
    Well it did until a downward dog made me lose balance, involuntarily kick my leg out into the clothes airer which then collapsed in a heap. Not my most zen experience but never mind. 😂


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