The Cloud – Ditty

For Caroline Flack and anyone else who feels utterly lost in this world.

The world seems awfully dark sometimes.
Even on the brightest of days
you can find yourself trapped inside a cloud of gloom.
And you can tell people
if you are brave enough
and you can cry
if you’re open enough
and people will listen
and people will nod a head-tilting nod
but no-one will think you’re serious
not truly serious
until it’s too late.

3 thoughts on “The Cloud – Ditty

  1. Reading this has brought back so many times l have felt like getting on a train to nowhere and still do some days.
    We don’t have to be struggle alone even though at times it feels that way there is always someone who will listen ,
    It doesn’t have to be family
    Thank you for your wonderful Blog.
    Take care of each other
    M D


  2. Very true words! Very sad about Caroline Flack but I think your words summer it up. Everyone knew she wasn’t in a good place but I don’t think many if any knew how she truly felt inside. It’s awful and so sad but seems to have woken people up to issue lets hope it does! In our computer screens at work it’s all about ask a colleague if they are ok, talk to them. I haven’t the courage to talk to anyone just push my m&s to back of my mind to get me through my shift. That is the hardest bit finding someone to truly open up to without the fear of burdening them.


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