Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea


Living in East Anglia, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a nearby beach to spend the day at. North of the region gives you the most beautiful and often secluded beaches with sand dunes situated away from all the tat that you find in some other seaside towns. However, these types of beaches are pretty lacking when it comes to facilities and even parking. So, while I may favour the north Norfolk coastline, I more often have to opt for the more popular beaches along the east coast – where I know I can park directly next to the beach and where I can locate a toilet at a moment’s notice. Southwold is always a safe bet; it’s a beautiful, chilled out place full of delightful little beach huts and a quaint little lighthouse that makes for a stunning view across from the pier. I love it there.

But to spend a day at the beach when you have my brand of MS means that the weather has to be just right – which it rarely is in England. If it is too hot (anything above 21) you can forget it, I probably wouldn’t even make it out of the car. Too cold, on the other hand, and it’s no fun at all. Last Tuesday provided us with the perfect day for sitting on the beach – it was bright and sunny with a constant sea breeze / gale, which acted as a nice little counterbalance to the heat. The kids leapt out of the car on arrival and charged straight for the seafront, swinging their buckets wildly in their hands.

Another hurdle to overcome when treating your MS to a day at the beach is the sand. I think most people will agree that walking on sand isn’t terribly easy. Well, as it turns out, walking on sand with numb feet is awfully discombobulating. I managed about 4 steps before my legs simply collapsed under me and I fell, sliding feet first down a small slope of pebbles and landing smartly on a comfy cushion of sand, where I remained until it was time to pack up and head for the chippy. Despite the cooling breeze, my legs felt as heavy and tight as ever, and to lift them required the greatest of efforts. Thank goodness my husband was on hand to build sandcastles, fetch water, collect shells, apply sun cream, supply the kids with cakes and crisps and water and getting the kids in and out of their swimwear – oh, and drying them off and packing the bags and dealing with the sun umbrella and the blankets. I’m sure the effort was worth it – the kids loved every minute, and that’s all that matters.

4 thoughts on “Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea

  1. Southwold Beach is beautiful!
    My Weather requirements are just the same as yours! 21 degrees absolute Max😋 heavy legs are such a pain and so restrictive. I too have a helpful husband who actually knows when to take over thankfully. My kids are grown up now and so there’s just us two again after 25 years of marriage. We should have been off traveling and walking everywhere like we used to but life is very different. Damned SPMS! However we still get out and off on holidays with endless planning for suitable accommodation of course. 🙄😊


  2. I was thrilled to walk on sand recently – not far though as it was just so difficult ! But the feel of sand between my toes was worth it.


  3. I am on holiday at the moment. Thought it would be nice to walk a little way along the waters edge.
    Not so easy when your big toe keeps dropping and dragging in the sand !!! Hey hoe could be worse it could be raining !!


  4. Glad your kids enjoyed their day at the beach with you and your husband, sorry that your legs failed you but I hope you enjoyed the family time x


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