Finding My Bounce #1

Following on from my last post in which I set myself the rather challenging challenge of rediscovering my lost bounce, I have made the first tentative steps towards fulfilling my quest.

Never one to learn my lesson, I again found myself in the garden with my littlest sprout, gently nudging a ball into the net and excitedly yelling, ‘GOALLLLL!’ My curly haired moppet was beside himself with giggly delight as he witnessed my obvious prowess in football. Growing steadily cockier and cockier I decided that this would be a great time to add some bounce. And so, skilfully manoeuvring the ball into position I hopped onto my left foot ready to swing with my right, aaaaaaannnndd…. THUD. Everything happened in slow motion as I fell ungracefully to the hard brick ground, grazing my elbow and jarring my neck in the process.

No matter, that was only my first attempt. I have plenty more bouncy ideas up my sleeve.

DSC_0807 (2).JPG

4 thoughts on “Finding My Bounce #1

  1. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself to much sounds like your having fun though here’s to your next bounce Looking forward to hearing about it


    1. Thank you! You won’t have long to wait…


  2. Sounds like you’re having fun ! Hope it’s not too painful.


    1. I’ve recovered nicely thank you, ready for more bounces!


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