Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall


One of the toughest things to acknowledge is that the traits we most dislike in others are the very traits that we possess ourselves. For example, if you find someone’s habit of attention seeking unreasonably or obsessively annoying, the chances are that you too like attention but are much too proud to admit it. The idea is that everyone is your mirror and, as with all mirrors, some are more flattering than others. I’ve had a nice juicy taste of this over the past few days…

You see, my husband, who shall remain nameless, took it upon himself to ‘get fit’ this Easter holiday. Heading off on exhilarating jogs and cycle rides his mood seemed lifted and things were looking good until, that is, he sprained his knee. Never one to complain, he has been hobbling about silently with a limp that has been worsening by the day. It has been painful to watch. And in his stubbornness he has REFUSED to sit down and rest. I’ve been racking my brain for days trying to suss out just what it is about this situation that is making me feel so flippin’ frustrated. Is it because he is stealing my thunder? Am I annoyed that he is struggling to walk when struggling to walk is my thing? Surely not. Could I possibly be annoyed that his pain is self-inflicted? No, that’s not it. And then it hit me. This is what I do, I am just as stubborn. He is Me – and I can’t stand it!

People are always telling me to sit down, take it easy and ‘Pace Yourself’ and it winds me up. So, all this limping about in silent pain and mutterings of ‘I’m fine’ and the denial that goes with that has given me a little insight into how others may see me, and I don’t like it.

I know you should never intentionally smash mirrors, but it’s awfully tempting sometimes.

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