Oh My Nose!


There is a temptation to blame everything on that dastardly MS. Your head hurts? That’ll be the MS. You’re tired? MS. Your big toe aches? You’ve got toothache? Your hair has split ends? MS MS MS. Or you’ve walked nose-first into a door? Now, that’s surely got to be the MS, hasn’t it?…

Just one day shy of seeing the new year in I unexpectedly walked into a glass door. As with everything else that goes wrong in my life, I want to blame the MS – but I can’t. Did I lose my balance and fall into the door? No. Did I stumble and trip over my own drop-foot ridden feet? No. Did a spell of Optic Neuritis suddenly blind me? No. Was the door at least in an unfamiliar place where I could be excused for being ignorant of its existence? NO! It was my door, in my own home; a door that, incidentally, I had closed myself only minutes before. So what the heck was I doing walking full-pelt into the flippin’ thing? Well, when the blame can’t be laid on the MS it invariably falls onto my husband, who likes to keep things so flippin’ clean and tidy that the glass simply sparkled into invisibility, thus causing me to almost knock myself out when I didn’t see it! Or, could it actually have been my own stupid fault?

If you have ever found yourself walking into a glass door then you will know that it is one of the most painful experiences ever. I can’t say for sure that my nose actually broke but, what the heck it sounds more impressive, I’ve literally broken my nose!

If you’re tickled by slap-stick humour than you’ll appreciate the fact that my face made a rather impressive imprint on the glass, which still remains over a week later because my husband thinks it’s a hilarious reminder of my clumsiness – no sympathy there then!

3 thoughts on “Oh My Nose!

  1. For what it’s worth, I did exactly the same thing myself a few weeks ago. Happily my specs took the worst of the impact and could be quickly repaired. Unlike my pride….


  2. You make me belly laugh… it’s not just me that does this is it?


  3. I remember doing this in a drunken stupor. Not painful at the time, but impressive bruise in the morning🤣


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