Nurse Ditty


Nurses ask a lot of questions. The following ditty was inspired by the harmless onslaught I received from a Neuro nurse this morning…

Do you have issues with balance?
Oh, yes
How about spasms and pains?
Take a guess!
Do you feel tired and wonky and worn?
Are you low-down and restless
and flat-out
and torn?
Can you see?
Can you pee?
Can you climb up a tree?
Can you drive?
Can you thrive?
Are you sure you’re alive?
Are you riddled with aches and with tingles and doubt?
Do you need lots of help when you’re out and about?
Do you stumble and fall…
into lampposts and walls?
Can you stand…
on your head?
Can you get out of bed?
Can you talk…
without slurring?
Can you see…
without blurring?
Is the world
simply whirring

2 thoughts on “Nurse Ditty

  1. Hello yes bombarded by their tick list I feel like saying to the nurse I’m here yes with Ms but I’m an individual

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  2. So many questions……appointments take so long!


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