What guise does your MS take? I rather suspect that mine has adopted the Lex Luther look – a sort of power hungry and devious industrialist intent on bringing me down with the use of Kryptonite. I need to constantly try and outsmart this villain who seems to have mistaken me for Super(wo)man. I may display some pretty mean feats of superhuman strength at times but Super(wo)man I am not; for a start I can’t fly.

That Kryptonite is pretty powerful stuff though! When Superman is exposed to it he is incapacitated by pain and nausea and his powers desert him. I too turn into a jellified mass of mess when Kryptonite strikes. It has the ability to stop me in my tracks, to crush my brain with pain and squeeze the power from my limbs; in short it can rattle my defences until they collapse into a useless puddle of rubble.

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