This morning as I listened to my children laugh and play together I thought, “Surely there is no greater sound than this”, then I heard the first glug glug glug of the wine I just poured and realised, actually, yes there is.

Red Wine has become my saviour. It has such a wonderfully calming effect at the end of a frazzling day – Don’t panic, I don’t have a problem; this is definitely more RAC (Relax And Chill) than AA territory; no need to join a circle of ‘friends’ just yet.

But it wasn’t always like this. In fact I stopped drinking entirely for 4 whole years shortly after my diagnosis; the Amitriptyline I was taking didn’t gel with alcohol – half a glass of wine and I’d be gone. So, what changed? Well, I stopped taking the pills (they weren’t working) and had a baby. Then another. And then another. And gradually life became a little more, what’s the word? Chaotic. And somehow living with a condition like MS isn’t quite so bearable when you’ve got more than just yourself to worry about. So, at the end of the day wine is my ‘Go To’.

Anyone else have a ‘Go To’?

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