Little Miss Bump

This is the story of Little Miss Bump.

Little Miss Bump lived in a pleasant little town called Carefultown. A town where even the worms are as careful as the day is long.

You can’t help but notice Little Miss Bump, she’s round and blue and covered in bandages from her head to her foot. Oh, and she’s always bumping into things.

If there’s a wall, she will bump into it.

If there’s a chair, she will bump into it.

If there’s a person, she will bump into them.

But it wasn’t that Little Miss Bump was clumsy, oh no, far from it. In fact she was as far from being clumsy as you can get. It just so happened that Little Miss Bump prided herself in not being clumsy. And so you can imagine what a pickle she found herself in when she inexplicably started bumping into things.

One day she was innocently walking through her house to get to the kitchen when, BUMP, she walked straight (or wonkily) into the wall, “Oh dear me, sorry wall!”, said Little Miss Bump.

The next day she was bustling around her office at work when, BUMP, she walked straight (wonkily donkily) into a chair, “Oh, oh dear me, sorry chair!”, said Little Miss Bump.

The next day she went for a walk to the shops when, BUMP, she walked straight (Wonkily donkily plonkily) into Little Miss Sunshine, “Oh my goodness gracious me, sorry, Little Miss Sunshine!”, said Little Miss Bump.

And so it continued until she was so covered in bruises and bumps and bandages that she finally decided to make a visit to Dr Nerve, the doctor.

“I’m afraid to tell you, Little Miss Bump, that you have Multiple Sclerosis”, said Dr Nerve, letting out a little chuckle as Little Miss Bump stumbled out of his office, bumping first into a table, then a chair and finally the door…

Now, Little Miss Bump was not happy with her diagnosis. Not happy at all. But her unhappiness didn’t last for long.

She was making her way miserably home when, BUMP, she walked straight (…oh, you know) into a wizard, “Oh dear me, I’m so sorry…”, said Little Miss Bump.

“Ho ho ho,” said the wizard. “Why so sad?”.

“I’ve lost my balance,” sobbed Little Miss Bump, “and it’s never coming ba-a-aaaack”.

“Chin up, Little Miss, I have magic up my sleeves and with a wave of my wand, ta-dah, hey presto!”.

All of a sudden Little Miss Bump felt a wave of magical sparkly positivity wash over her and a huge smile spread across her face. The smile was so enormously huge that it could be seen all the way from space!

And do you know what?

From that day, Little Miss Bump found positivity in everything she did. It would appear that life could be just as fun as before, if not more so.

She joined a group and made lots of delightful new friends who also had bruises and bumps and bandages.

She took up swimming and found that she actually rather enjoyed it, even though she did bump into the side of the swimming pool a bit too often.

She purchased a wheelchair for those days when she needed a little extra help. And would you believe it? Her wheelchair soon became covered with bandages too, for even in a wheelchair Little Miss Bump couldn’t help but have the occasional…


First published 10 December 2017


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  1. You remain inspirational.


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