Blue Badge Blockade

Disabled parking bays seem to hold little significance to people who have never had a need for them and therefore think they can be blocked, parked across and cordoned off without causing any inconvenience. Where once these spaces seemed so dependable, somehow they’ve become merely expendable…

I’m looking, I’m searching, for somewhere to park

Soon or by noon or before it gets dark.

Why are these spaces all blocked off and taken?

By builders and binmen and those who are faking?

A skip and a dip and a bright traffic cone

Construction, obstruction, we shouldn’t condone

Please, City Council, quit having a lark

Remove all your cones and just let me park.


2 thoughts on “Blue Badge Blockade

  1. I had a great one the other day the car in front of me pulled into the desabled bay. And went running off last or he was in a rush. So I did the gentlemanly thing and parked behind him and went shopping. I was about 45 mins getting my weekly groceries.
    Upon my return there was a very Irate gentlemen stood shouting at people that he had been blocked in by some inconsiderate b…….
    So I went up to his car and asked him where his disabled badge was. All he said was I was in a rush and I’m know late for an appointment . So I just said that will teach you to park in a disabled bay. An excuse slowly put my wheelchair in the boot. And drove away without saying another word. I don’t think the guy will park in a disabled bay again.


    1. Ouch! That sounds satisfying. I’m not a fan of approaching people who park illegally having been verbally abused in the past…


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